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Visiting Our Office › What to Expect

Did You Know?

A large body of research links periodontal disease to respiratory disease, pregnancy complications, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Prior to your first visit you will receive a package in the mail that includes a health history form. Please complete this form and bring it with you. If your dentist has provided you with x-rays or other records, including a referral slip, please bring them as well.

Your first visit is for a consultation only. The Periodontist will examine your mouth, head and neck and perform an oral cancer scan. If additional x-rays are required for diagnosis they will be taken. The Periodontist will present you with his diagnosis and treatment recommendations. One of the dental assistants will provide detailed explanations of your condition and the recommended treatment options. We will address all of your questions and concerns. Then, an administrative staff member will provide you with treatment estimates. If you have dental insurance, we will also submit for pre-determination of benefits to your carrier.

Following this appointment your periodontist will write a letter to your dentist detailing his diagnosis and treatment recommendations. We will also send duplicates of any x-rays taken. You will receive a copy of this letter too. If you opt for treatment we will reserve time in our schedule for you.

If you are seeing us for a periodontal assessment or an assessment for dental implants please plan on being in the office for an hour. If you are seeing us for grafts, crown lengthening or an individual tooth problem, please plan to be in our office for 30-45 minutes.

We value you and your time and will do our very best to see you promptly at your appointed time. Please be considerate of others and arrive for your appointment at the scheduled time.