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Who We Are

Did You Know?

The word periodontal means "around the tooth".

Welcome to PerioPartners™

At PerioPartners™ our aim is to partner with other dental health professionals to achieve optimum oral and whole body health for our patients. When we begin a relationship with a patient, they have the support and attention of our whole dental team. Patients are the focus of everything we do. Our goal is to serve them in ways that help them become healthier. The only way we can achieve this is to create an open, honest and unique relationship with each and every person who walks through our door. We want to understand why our patients come to us for treatment as the reason is unique to each individual. Together we become partners in their journey to optimum oral and whole body health. We achieve this by maintaining the highest standards of quality and care and tailoring our expertise to help our patients make informed decisions that are right for them.

Our commitment is that the "Golden Rule" prevails!

PerioPartners™ is an association of independent dental practitioners.